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Embark upon a new year's dream journey

Make a promise to yourself to begin recording your dreams in 2019. As soon as you awake write in your jounal or record your dream on your phone. Try to remember the feeling of the dream and any other details including colors, sounds, shapes, faces, time of day or anything else you can recall. Even tiny details will help open the door for greater recall over time. Make your goal to create a record of your dreams all year long.

Dreams are the window to our unconscious. Remembering our dreams helps us better navigate the waking world with the added insight of our deeper wisdom revealed as we sleep. Establishing a daily practice of recalling our dreams starts a dialogue with our unconscious, creating more choices and widening the horizon of our lives.

Contact me to start your dream journey on the right foot. I'll help you navigate each step of the way.

Cynthia Nodland, PhD


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