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From Dr. Nodland's book: "Dream Meanings"

Dreams are the common thread woven through the lives of all people from the beginning of time. And whether we remember or not,  we will each spend approximately four and a half years of our lifetimes engaged in sleeping dreams.  Being the curious creatures that we are, we wake to scratch our heads and ask for answers to the questions dreams pose.

Over the centuries many have written theories, but no one has yet to fully capture the dream and limit it to a one page definition. This is because dreams are being continuously and spontaneously produced by an unlimited number of dreamers. And each dreamer has his/her own scriptwriter, cast of characters, props and settings to make each dream as unique as the dreamers DNA signature. Dream work includes those mysterious stories that emerge as we sleep, daydream or fantasize.

The stuff of daily life can be seen through the dream and provide a new perspective on our way in the world. The key is to show up to the challenge by first acknowledging our discomfort which often manifests as anxiety, fear, rage, addiction or depression - armed with a willingness to embark on a journey of discovery.

We are each born with our own map - but too often we are trying to navigate the map of our family, the popular media, or any other outside authority.  No wonder we so often feel adrift in a sea of confusion that leaves us feeling helplessly lost with no land in site.

This work is about claiming your own authority and charting your own course. 

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