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"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

Carl Jung

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Dreams are the common thread woven through the lives of all people from the beginning of time. And whether we remember or not,  we will each spend approximately four and a half years of our lifetimes engaged in sleeping dreams.  Being the curious creatures that we are, we wake to scratch our heads and ask for answers to the questions dreams pose.

Over the centuries many have written theories, but no one has yet to fully capture the dream and limit it to a one page definition. This is because dreams are being continuously and spontaneously produced by an unlimited number of dreamers. And each dreamer has his/her own scriptwriter, cast of characters, props and settings to make each dream as unique as the dreamers DNA signature.

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Individual therapy with free initial consult.

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Dream analysis is a type of psychotherapy that promotes self awareness by gaining a deeper understanding of our subconscious motivations and fears. When we learn what is truly driving our behavior, we gain the ability to change it. Through the theraputic process, we learn how to make the changes necessary to live a healthy balanced life.


Not sure if Dream Analysis is right for you? Schedule an initial 30 minute consultation with me to find out. Its free and allows us to get acquainted. I'm happy to explain the process further and answer any questions you may have. Schedule an appointment today and let's explore how I can help your psychological healing and growth.

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My role as a psychotherapist is to be a facilitator and guide to adults who are struggling to find their way in the world.

Symptoms of anxiety, depression, addiction, and failed relationships are often the initial reasons for coming to my office. Others come to learn how to work with their dreams. Telephone consults are available for people living outside the Denver area.

I have been a member of the Denver therapy community since 1986 - providing support and guidance to individuals in need of a safe dynamic place in which to sort through and meet the challenges of life in the world, and relationships to self and others.

The goal of this work is to remember the sound of your own voice, and its intrinsic wisdom via honest dialogue and dream analysis.

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I love helping my patients develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges. Contact me to learn more and book a session.

"Dreams are just the beginning of a much broader journey into the mystery of the unconscious realm."

Barbarah Hannah

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